Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2015 - My Year in Review - Part 2

July: July brought a summer &over ceili class that I was dying to do. I love the fellowship that comes with a ceili, and this class looked to be the perfect way back in. There was only one problem: the class started at 5:30, only 30 minutes after I get off work. Even if I left 15 minutes early, there was no guarantee I could get there with the traffic that plagues my area. Despite my best efforts, I was only able to get to 2 of the 8 classes, which really bummed me out. Had I been able to take ceili class the entire summer, my stamina would have vastly improved by the time September rolled around. Alas, it was not meant to be.

July and August also brought an adult class where I learned most of the steps I do today. During these months I started gaining more strength back, and was able to string more steps together when I danced. In August, a dance friend and I tried the 30 day stretching challenge, My flexibility was increased.

September through December brought the biggest changes to my dancing. I lost more weight, gained more flexibility and stamina. I could get through two hardshoe and softshoe steps at a time. I even began to put some flair into my softshoe dances! Especially reel. I began thinking about competing again - sometime in spring of 2016. My biggest obstacles were, and still are, my dance mentality and the fact that I can't fit into my dress. While my husband supports my competing, a $2K solo dress just isn't in the budget. My old solo (which is only about 4 years old) would be perfect for a pw/beginning prelim dancer. If I lose another 10 lbs, I should be able to fit into my old one.

My dancing mentality is a bigger issue, something that will need constant tuning up. If I am consistently able to notice the small victories, such as fine tuning steps or ending a hornpipe with stamina in tact, I will start believing in myself more. Right?

At my class last week, my teacher said that I am good to make the leap into kids classes again. I know I've taken them before, but I'm just SO damn nervous about that first class. It'll be a new teacher and new set of faces. I'm worried about being able to keep up, stamina wise. Even as a teen I had issues learning steps during class - I always had to ask for extra help after. Now, while I will ask for help, I'm terrified I'll look like an idiot doing so. Like I don't belong in that class. UGH.

I've done it before - being able to do it now should be a breeze. But I keep overthinking it and questioning if I'm good enough. Maybe I could start with a stepping stone - a novice class to get my feet wet with my current teacher. Harder, but I won't throw myself into something I feel I'll embarrass myself at. IDK. I think I'll ask my teacher at class next week.

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